Master’s in Development Practice
Economics, Management and Sustainable Development in Rural Areas

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What is an MSc in Development
Practice, MDP?
What is an MSc in Development
practice, MDP?

Hebrew University's International School of Agricultural Sciences MDP program gives you the practical skills and academic competence you require to work in the fields of economics, management and sustainable development in rural areas. As an MDP student at our Rehovot campus, you will be engaged in an intensive internship with governmental, public and private organizations, businesses, social enterprises, and NGOs working on sustainable development.

Israel’s Expertise in Rural Development
Israel’s Expertise in Rural Development

Israel is proof that with the right skills such as determination, creativity, and the willingness to make mistakes, weaknesses can become strengths. Whether challenged by geography, politics, or economics, Israel’s development experts have excelled in acquiring outstanding innovative capabilities ranging from R&D and agri-tech, to health and energy, placing Israel on the forefront of development.

Internship through Milken Innovation Center
Internship through Milken Innovation Center

Our partner, Jerusalem Institute’s Milken Innovation Center offers you an opportunity to engage in a 4-month project with governments, organizations, businesses, and NGOs working within the economic development sector. You will conceive an implementable project in your preferred area of economic development practice, ranging from food and agriculture, to energy, water, and health.

Careers in Development Practice
Careers in Development Practice

We look for students who have the drive and passion to examine a problem and work hard to find a solution. Graduates of the MDP program will be able to utilize project-driven and market-based strategies in their careers as well as have the skills required to develop economic models to bridge gaps that limit regional growth.

Learn From The Leaders In Development Practice

At our Rehovot campus, our students are taught by Israel’s economic leaders, some of the most forward-thinking minds in the industry. Students are encouraged to gain a hands-on approach by exploring Israel’s challenges in order to develop their development skills.

Advanced Courses include:

  • Development and Public Health
  • Development Practice
  • Economics of Growth and Development
  • Financial Innovations for Sustainable Economic Development
  • Foundations of Sustainable Development Practice
  • Introduction to Economics of Natural Resources




Israeli Innovation Shows the Way for Economic Hope
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